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At SFTC, we take pride in being a Hobart welding supplier. Hobart Brothers is a company with a rich and diverse history. The Hobart brand is synonymous with collaboration, innovation, and expertise and is a recognized industry leader.

Hobart Brothers develops and manufactures Hobart® tubing (metal and flux core), solid wire, and stick electrodes, which are sold worldwide. SFTC is the leading Hobart supplier in Saudi Arabia. We take the utmost care to ensure that you get welding supplies of the highest quality. Our tech center allows you to get hands-on experience with Hobart products, allowing you to make informed decisions. That’s what makes us the preferred Hobart supplier in Saudi Arabia.


Flux Cored Wires

The flux-cored wire is available in different ratings to meet different needs. This cored wire is not a seamless wire, but by controlling the diffusible hydrogen, it meets various impact requirements. This control ensures that the welds produced with these wires possess excellent strength and toughness. The flux-cored wire is designed to provide excellent weld bead shape and penetration. From E71T1 to E121T5, there are products that combine both CO2 and mixed gases. For more information about the flux-cored welding wire, please refer to the product catalog below or contact us.

Self Shielded Wires

If carrying gas cylinders is a problem and you need to weld in an open yard or construction site, self-shielded wire is the best solution. To withstand shocks down to -60 degrees and work with different types of welding filler metal, Hobart offers a range of self-shielded cables. Their range of self-shielded cables is designed to withstand harsh environments. A self-shielded welding wire is primarily used where gas shielding is an issue and customers want high adhesion for thick wall welds. One of the significant advantages of using self-shielded welding wire is its ability to operate without external shielding gas.

Hobart Megafil Seamless Wire

Megafil Seamless Wire

An exciting new range of filler metals. MEGAFIL® Seamless Cored and Cored Wire Welding Wires. The MEGAFIL products stand out for their innovative seamless technology. With MEGAFIL seamless wires and welding wires welding professionals can take advantage of cutting-edge technology.
The seamless technology of MEGAFIL products provides:

1. Very low values ​​of diffusible hydrogen
2. Welding and copper plating absorb little or no moisture.
3. Ideal for applications in harsh climates.
4. Copper plating improves findability and ensures optimum power transmission

Metal Cored Wires

Metal-cored wires are tubular electrodes that consist of a metal sheath and a core of various powdered materials, mainly iron. The metal-cored wire core contributes almost completely to the deposited metal, so literally, no slag is produced.

Hobart Submerged Arc Wire & amp Flux

Submerged Arc Wire & amp Flux

Hobart offers a full line of SAW wires and fluxes. High basicity, low basicity, and neutral fluxes are available according to customer needs. This submerged arc welding is well-suited for heavy-duty industrial projects or intricate fabrication tasks.

For projects that demand superior deoxidation and a high level of purity in the weld metal, Hobart provides welding fluxes. They are designed to remove impurities from the weld pool. The combination of Hobart’s welding wires with the appropriate welding flux ensures optimal performance.

Submerged Arc Metal Cored Wire & Amp Flux

Submerged Arc Metal Cored Wire & Amp Flux

Hobart’s unique product is Submerged Arc Metal Core Wire & Flux. Similar to metal-cored wire in the MIG field, SAW metal-cored wire offers the advantage of being able to weld at much higher speeds, ensuring production cost savings. Metal powder also acts as a second shield as it helps achieve results. Therefore, the welding flux used has low basicity, easy slag removal, and good weldability.

Hobart Solid Wires

Solid Wires

Hobart offers a full line of solid wires to meet your requirements. These are made in the USA and come in both spools and drums. The versatility of Hobart’s welding wires makes them suitable for various welding processes. These include Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) commonly known as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding.

Trust in the reliability and expertise that SFTC brings to the table as a solid wires supplier. Experience the satisfaction of using top-notch welding consumables.

Hobart Stick Electrodes

Stick Electrodes

Hobart offers a wide range of stick electrodes, from low hydrogen electrodes to high-strength 12018 welding electrodes. They are all offered in a TIN package and the H4R classification reflects their low hydrogen input. For projects that require excellent mechanical properties and crack resistance, Hobart offers low hydrogen stick electrodes. They are the go-to choice for welding high-strength steels, structural components, and heavy machinery.

Hobart Hardfacing Products

Hardfacing Products

Hobart offers a total solution for hardening metal surfaces. Hobart consumables are available in both stick and wire configurations. These armor products are available in various hardnesses to meet customer expectations. Hardfacing electrodes are ideal for on-site and field applications. Hardfacing welding wire configurations are well-suited for high-volume production environments.

We can provide customized solutions according to your application and needs. Our experts are able to consider, understand, and provide the best possible solutions. For more information, please contact

Hobart Aluminium


Hobart acquired McKay – in the USA to further strengthen its product base. The Mackay acquisition has made the aluminum portfolio so strong that today Hobart offers a full line of industrial and marine aluminum products in all grades. Additionally, product offerings are available in aluminum wires, coils, cut lengths, and electrode geometries. The coils offer convenience, as they eliminate the need for frequent spool changes. For more information on this range of products, please contact

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