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Welding Cables

Welding cables are used to power the secondary circuits of electric arc welding generators. This is the circuit that controls the electrode that outputs the charge used for welding. These welded cable connectors are made of flexible copper wire surrounded by a protective sheath that is flame, oil, heat, and abrasion resistant.

These welding cables are available in various qualities. Their quality depends on their durability and strength. The wiring itself is generally copper and carefully stranded to allow for maximum flexibility. The welding wire jacket is made of neoprene or EDM rubber (short for ethylene propylene service M class rubber).

A welded cable is a power cord with a single annealed conductor. These cables are known for their flexibility and versatility due to their construction. This annealed conductor is primarily made of copper. Welding cables are finely stranded for greater flexibility. These cables are made to withstand grease, cuts, oil, water, and many types of abrasion. These cables are available in various sizes, from 6 AWG to 500 MCM. Welding wires are also sometimes called ground wires, emphasizing their role in providing a safe and effective connection for welding operations.

SFTC is the largest supplier of welding cables online in Saudi Arabia. Here are the brands we offer.

Weldarc Welding Cables

Weldarc Cables launched in 2015 with a small start. Over the years, this evolution has strengthened its roots, added products, and constantly improved quality. These cables are designed to withstand heavier loads and provide a longer and better life. These cables are available starting at 19 square meters. mm to 120 square mm. These cables are primarily aimed at small and medium-sized customers using 4 mm or fewer welds. Double-insulated to prevent damage and can be used in all conditions.

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