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Plasma Cutting Products

Plasma arc cutting is basically a melting process that uses a jet of ionized gas at 20,000 °C to melt the material and eject it from the cut. During this melting process, an arc is ignited between the electrode, called the cathode, and the workpiece, called the anode. This electrode is attached to a water- or air-cooled gas nozzle that contracts an arc that causes the formation of a hot, high-velocity, contracting jet. During the process, when the plasma cutting jet hits the workpiece, recombination occurs and the gas returns to normal. This heat melts the metal and a gas stream is drawn through the cut. Plasma gases are basically argon, hydrogen, or nitrogen. Air can be used instead of inert gas, but this method requires special electrodes made of hafnium or zirconium. A wide range of conductive alloys can be cut, including carbon steel and stainless steel.

SFTC is the authorized supplier of plasma cutting products in Saudi Arabia. From Duramax torches to plasma cutting machines, we have the best products.

Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Products

SFTC has been partnering with KSA’s Hypertherm for many years and has been officially appointed as a distributor in Saudi Arabia since 2017. SFTC carries the full line of Hypertherm plasma cutting products but is primarily focused on selling the Power Max line and consumables for Powermax and HPR machines and torches

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